Monday, January 23, 2012

Island Soaps...Take Me Away...

Forget Calgon.

I am a housewife and mother.  That means spa treatments, bubble baths, manicures, and any other cure for my dishpan hands and tired skin are always on my to-do list.  But how many of us can dash to the spa when we most need it?  Or jet jump when we are in desperate need of sunshine and suntans?

Very darn few of us, that is the correct answer.  Do not fret - I have a cure!  The next time you spend 40 smackers on anything that isn't super necessary (wine and chocolate are always necessary, don't joke about that!), think of buying a spa investment for yourself.  I'll share mine with you.

Island Soap and Candle Works

I must have been a better girl than I realized, because while doing Pilates this morning, the UPS man dropped off this special box for moi.  Just in time too, as I was paddling to Lowe's to buy Ark supplies!

In my daily haste, I had completely forgotten about the spa investment I'd made.  $40 plus shipping and tax, and you will have Hawaii in a box  This assortment contains Plumeria body wash, body lotion, and plumeria conditioning oils (for the skin). It also has two mini bottles of shampoo and conditioner to try and a free guava and coconut hand lotion.  They last a while, too.  

I picked up the plumeria body lotion while on the Big Island in the summer of 2010.  Ever since then I've carried my Hawaiian vacation with me when I wear the stuff.  Heavenly...

I plan on using the shampoo and conditioner, then employing oils and some rough sea salt as a body scrub, followed by the body wash and lotion to round it all off for a lovely in-home spa treatment.  

Don't let the winter weather spoil your inner sunshine - make your spa investment today!  

You'll thank yourself later ;)

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