Favorite Sites

So if you love to cook, then King Arthur Flour Company has it all! I buy my pizza flour from them as well as my Vietnamese cinnamon (nothing like it anywhere), SAF instant yeast, and the chocolate sticks for my quick pain au chocolat.  Their brownie mix will have you swooning and the gingerbread scones mix will make any rainy day a delight. If you have gluten issues, they make gluten-free mixes.  Bonus!  They also have recipes galore, so what's not to like?? :)

King Arthur Flour Company Site

I know most people use Allrecipes.com to get their ideas going, but I like Myrecipes.com - it takes all the Oxford House publications and rolls them into one site.  Southern Living, Coastal Living...etc., this way, I do not have to keep all my magazines or even a scrapbook of their recipes.  This site has them all.

Myrecipes.com Site

I get plenty of fashion, beauty, home, and culinary ideas from Pinterest.  For those of you not familiar with this site, it's essentially a way to organize amazing 'net ideas on virtual bulletin boards.  This is extremely valuable when looking for ways to do what your imagination sees but the rest of your mind has no way of completing! If you'd like me to send you an "invite" to join (don't worry, it's free), give me a holler!

Pinterest - fun and fab!

I love Island Soap and Candle Works.  The Plumeria scent is my favorite, and I'd love to try their candles.  The   fragrance is long-lasting without overpowering you and everyone else you encounter during the day.  I also found the plumeria scent to smell more like the real thing than the candles you get at the mall.  Give them a try! The won't let you down :)

Island Soap and Candle Works

If you enjoy Crock Pot cooking, this link will lead you to a site where she's got Crock Pot meals in freezer bags...organized and ready for future use.  Brilliant!!

Crock Pot Freezer Bags