Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Forget Acorns...

Do not adjust your screen.  Yes, I said acorns.  Francis Bacon said, "Acorns were good till bread was found."  Can you imagine, humans tasting their first chewy mouthful of bread?  After ages of acorns?  Bliss...

I'm sure those long ago humans didn't have our delectable breads.  It stuns and saddens me to think, however, that their diets are now among the most popular - proteins, veggies, some fruit, and some grains.  It's the word some I'm particularly worried about.  Some turns into none for many.  It's back to the acorns, buh-bye bread.  So have you become an acorn-eater?  Here's a few ways to know if you have:

1.  You imitate a vampire at sunrise at the thought of a slice of whole wheat toast in the morning.
2.  When you walk past a store or bakery and the aroma of bread wafts out at you, you can't remember what the aroma belongs to.
3.  When the waiter brings a bread basket, you throw it back at him and cry, "Fool!"
4.  You find yourself more willing to graze on the dandelions in your back yard versus having a sandwich.

Any of these familiar to you?  If so, I think my posts this week may convert you back to lovin' the bread life.

Remember, bread doesn't make you "fat".  It's eating large quantities of it that will expand ye old fat cells.

So get ready, banish your food anxieties, and prepare for some homemade goodness.  I promise, in the end, your fear of (shriek!!!) fattening carbohydrates will revert back to its true mythical status and you'll find yourself agreeing with journalist William Cobbett - "Without bread, all is misery".

Note:  And this is a serious note.  If your physician has you on a low-carb diet, please stick to that.  In the meantime, everyone should know this is about moderation.  There will be no carb-loading here!

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