Thanks for visiting my food blog.  I created this blog after receiving multiple requests for, "How do you make...?" or, "Do you have a good recipe for...?" as well as, "What do you make for dinner/lunch?".

I'm not a chef.  What I am is a homemaker of 19 years and going strong.  I am a homemaker who is so tired of hearing from other homemakers, "I don't have time to cook" or "It costs too much to eat healthy, groceries are expensive".  Oh, I've heard all the reasons why people think they are better off dining out.  None of them hold any real truth, however.

I want to banish those false beliefs.  Real food is healthy.  Real food generally costs far less than eating out.

Have picky eaters?  A tight budget?  Food allergies?  Hey, that's cool.  Talk about it here.  If I can't help you, chances are I know someone who definitely can.

So say goodbye to the fast food drive-thru, throw out your jarred garlic, plastic lemons, and meals in a box.

You have now been invited on a mission to cook in real time with real food for...wait for it...real people!  Let's get cookin'!!!  I think you've got the right stuff ;)