Friday, March 23, 2012

Before The Madness Begins...

Anyone watching Mad Men this Sunday on AMC?

It's the talk of every social circle I know.  I believe this show is not popular because the actors who star in the program are gorgeous and interesting.  Oh no.  I think it's popular because we simply cannot believe just how damaged the goods are.  It's 1960-something...weren't they all supposed to be so perfect?

Ok, so maybe not that perfect, but close.  The fifties and sixties were supposed to be a time of propriety.  At least, in my imaginings it was.  It was a time where men were men and women were, well, treated as simple-headed ninnies.  Where white gloves were charming, dieting meant salads and cigarettes, and you never, ever, wore white shoes after Labor Day or before Easter.

Folks from that era would have never tolerated Snookie or her pal, the Situation.  Certainly not.  The loss of standards favored by most people in our current society is shocking, to say the least.  Even for my generation.

Instead, this show is home to the sexy drunken smokestack named Don Draper and his bleach blonde disturbingly dysfunctional ex, Betty.  My favorite character is the more salt than pepper Roger Sterling, who cannot keep his married hands off the office ginger bombshell, Joan.

So before the madness begins on Sunday night, I'm prepping for the premier of Season 5 of Mad Men by planning a traditional Sunday dinner and a simple cocktail to go with it.

Roast chicken and potatoes, string beans, dinner rolls, and pie.  The cocktail will be a Tanqueray martini, straight, with olives or lemon.  A springtime Sunday dinner that I'm sure any 1960's housewife would approve of.

If you'd like to jump on the Mad Men bandwagon, check out AMCTV.Com for details. Since I do not have a bullet bra like Joanie or the Barbie-esque figure of Betty Draper, I will not be dressing up for this shindig.  But I will be checking out the the Cooking Channel's classic cocktail recipes for more ideas and flipping through my Betty Crocker cookbook to chose just which pie will go best with our Sunday chicken.

Another great resource that pairs nicely with the show is Jane Maas' book, Mad Women.  As a copywriter on Madison Avenue in the 60's, Jane knows where all the bodies are buried.  A very engaging tale, indeed.

Ideas and comments are warmly welcomed, as well as your vote on favorite characters and predictions for what season five will bring to our Sterling-Cooper-Draper-Price group.  Also, be sure to check out my pal Jorj's site for more delicious (I wish I was eating at her house) Mad Men ideas!

So will you or won't you?  Personally, I am looking forward to the opening credits and seeing the back of the handsome Don Draper's head in his signature chair and cigarette pose.  Let the dysfunction and madness soon begin!

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